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Lampu Depan dan Bel Elektrik Sepeda (70.000)

Lampu Depan dan Bel Elektrik Sepeda
Harga : Rp. 70.000,-

Aksesoris ini merupakan lampu depan dan bel
menggunakan daya baterai A3 2pcs (belum termasuk dalam penjualan)
Lampu depannya sangat terang
belnya juga nyaring

Light Modes: 3 Modes
Bell Modes: 4 Modes
Switch: 2
Battery : 2 x AAA Batter (Battery Not Included)
Fit for diameter less than 2.2cm handlebar

Cara order pemesanan silahkan klick Disini
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With the usage of more rollers in numerous geometry and distances from each other the material can be shaped into different shapes. Shearing is a course of the place the Renpho Massagers material is reduce by a shearing pressure that overcomes the material's final shear strength. At the identical time, a punch or shear presses down the place the die has an opening for the material to be reduce via, thus chopping the half. The plasma is then shot via the cutter into the sheet steel and back to the grounding clamp to kind a complete circuit.

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